It catches my eye Basically what the title says anything that catches my eye <3

Got to check out #dairyqueen #nyc

Me and @kirucakes heading to #bronypalooza #bronycon14

Princesses ready to dance the night away #bronycon14 @kirucakes

Bad #selfie of me and @kirucakes at the gala #bronycon14

Bad #selfie of me and @kagaminelen at the gala #bronycon14

Whoop whoop staffing up a storm #bronycon14

On my way to the gala #bronycon14

I just had to get this #hellokitty #led watch when I was shopping in #oldnavy today ^~^ it makes me happy 💖

So I saw this on facebook and said Ill help


Tenshi no Ai is a body positive anti bullying maid cafe based in new york city. 

Their motto : “cuteness comes in all forms!”

Ive had the privileged of attending some of their events and they truly stand by it.

They want to promote the love of japanese culture regardless of age, race, weight, gender or creed.

So please give what you can, and maybe check them out!

OMG this is my cafe!! Thanks so much! please share guys we really are gonna make it spectacular!

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